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Why should I sign up with your affiliate program?

We offer competitive pricing, without mark-ups to cover brokering costs. We ARE the content. Our quality and experience means your callers WILL call back, which means residual income for you. We want you to make money. 

How long have you been in business?

We've been established in the industry for over 10 years. Our entire staff has literally been doing this for years and provides the best service available. Because we pay our fantasy phone sex girls more than many other services, they stay with us longer. Our fantasy artists are motivated to form relationships with their callers, which results in repeat calls.

Am I recommending my surfers to a reputable service?

Absolutely. We're an established company that specializes in what we do. We hire only premium fantasy artists. Our dispatchers handpick the right girl for customers for each call, providing them with personalized erotic phone services every time they call. We transform the casual surfer into repeat customers.

Who answers the actual calls?

Clients speak with a live operator who confirms a potential patron's age and billing information. Our hostesses are trained to find out about the type of fantasy that would most appeal to the caller. From there, they direct them to the fantasy phone entertainer who will fit their needs and desires. This personal touch means that we have a higher rate of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and lower opportunity for fraud.

What will you pay me?

We pay you $1 per minute. There is a seven minute minimum, which means you are guaranteed at least $7 per phone call. 

When am I paid? 

Commission checks are mailed on the 1st and 16th of every month. Choose between a standard check or Paypal payment.

What is the cost to the customer? 

Customers are at $2.99 per minute, with a required 7-minute minimum. They encounter no connection fees or hidden charges. US and Canadian callers only.

Are there any set-up fees?

Absolutely no set-up fees. To avoid excessive toll free line costs to us, you must generate at least one billable call every 30 days to avoid early termination. We do require a minimum of 100 minutes per month to maintain your account. We also give you 90 days to build up your minutes. That's three months. 

Do you offer a 900 number option? 

No. Due to regulations of the 900-number industry, 900 and 976 numbers can no longer have content that uses explicit sexual language. We exclusively use the more loosely regulated 800, 877, and other toll-free numbers.

Do you offer marketing tools?

After you sign up for our program, you'll find our webmaster promotional tool section. It is filled with tips and tricks on how to best sell our service, banners, text ads, newspaper listings and marketing strategies. We will constantly update this section to give you the best in sales methods and opportunities.

What happens if I violate the Terms of Service?

Your account will be immediately terminated and you will lose any and all of your earnings.

Is SPAMMING permitted?

Never. This includes newsgroups and mass mailings. If you are caught, you're account will be terminated and your earnings are forfeit.

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