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Affiliate Terms of Service 

1. By enrolling in any Hot Lips Cash Program you are affirming that: 
    A. You are at least 18 years of age (21 in AL, MS, NE and WY plus other jurisdictions); 
    B. Enrollment in our program and/or marketing of adult services does not violate any  
        local, state, or federal laws as they apply to you; 
    C. You are not a federal, civil, or law enforcement agent or acting as an agent 
    D. You will not allow any minor (so defined by your local ordinances) to view, read or 
        purchase any of the services or marketing tools offered by our program.

2. PSA Solutions will provide you with program numbers and/or link codes entitling you to market and track sales resulting from your generated traffic. PSA Solutions reserves the right to revoke any such numbers and/or codes if you do not abide by these Terms of Service or remain in good standing with our program(s). 

3. You carry all responsibility and/or liability for your advertising and marketing practices. You may utilize any of the marketing tools provided on the site (banners, content, profiles, etc) or compose your own, with permission from the management of Hot Lips Cash. You must abide by the legal practices of the federal government and your local jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to be educated on any changes to such advertising regulations. Spamming is prohibited and cause for immediate ejection from the program.

4. Sales which are charged back by their billing company will incur no chargeback fees, but neither will the affiliate commission for those sales will be dispersed.

5. PSA Solutions is not responsible for the success or failure of any program affiliate, nor is it responsible for indirect costs you may incur. We agree to provide the best possible level of service to clients generated via your marketing.

6. Information within the Hot Lips Cash Member Areas is considered confidential and may not be shared with anyone outside the program. Likewise, marketing materials for the Hot Lips Cash program may not be shared or utilized to promote anything other than Hot Lips Cash affiliate products and/or services. 

7. The relationship between PSA Solutions and you shall continue until written notice of termination is provided by either party with or without cause. Commissions will continue to be paid for a period of 30 days in the event of notice of termination on PSA Solutions' behalf. PSA Solutions reserves the right to terminate this relationship and cease the immediate distribution of commission monies if you violate these Terms of Service, engage in any illegal or unethical marketing practices, or if significant business statuses warrant for either you or PSA Solutions. 

8. This affiliate program does not constitute a partnership, joint venture, or mutual agent relationship between you and PSA Solutions. PSA Solutions may offer these same or altered services to other affiliates.

9. It is your responsibility to keep your personal business records up-to-date and to verify your payment history. You have 120 days to report an incorrect or missing payment on your account. Payment disbursements aged 120 days with no outstanding notifications against them are deemed no longer the responsibility or liability of PSA Solutions and/or Hot Lips Cash.

10. It is your responsibility to keep your account information updated and current. Please notify with any alterations to your affiliate profile (mailing address, etc).

11. It is your responsibility to report your earnings to the IRS, if they exceed $600 in an annual tax period, US currency. If you are a resident of a country outside the USA, you must report your earnings to the proper authorities of your applicable nation.

12. PSA Solutions is not responsible for loss of revenue caused by labor disputes, acts of God, equipment malfunctions, or any other unforeseeable happenstance that may result in disrupted or lost service and/or affiliate income. 

13. All websites must be approved prior to the assignment of a toll-free number. Sites hosted on free servers are not permitted and will be immediately rejected. Sites where the applicant is not identified as the domain registrant will be held for further review. PSA Solutions reserves the right to refuse any toll free number application for any reason.

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